Wairarapa Home School Group

Supporting, socialising, educating. Your way.

About us

We are a group of families who have selected to home educate one or more of our children based on our own personal philosophies, using our own choice of programs and methods. We choose to come together when suitable to support and encourage each other in our educational journey and respect each other’s choices.

Our group began over 40 years ago and has offered home school support and encouragement in the Wairarapa ever since. We have a variable group size which fluctuates as families move into and out of the area.

We adhere to the government’s legal requirements to "educate our children at least as regularly and as well as a state school" and follow the laws of our country.

How does it work?

The group operates on a casual basis - you are free to attend events as often or as little as you like. There are no membership fees - this is a voluntary group. Under this arrangement members of the group may: 

  • invite other members to events they are organising or interested in attending with the group

  • take part in any or all events they are interested in

If attending an event members must:

  • acknowledge responsibility for their own children (as an informal group we have no insurance or liability cover)

  • pay for their attendance at any events with a cost attached before the event, so the family organising the event do not have to pick up the bill for any unpaid or no-show fees

Teens group

 Teens who are home schooling can gather with each other for a positive social time. Activities suggested by the teens and their families, in the past have included games or movie nights, meals, bonfires, tramps, bowling, laser strike, escape rooms etc. Members of this group help with organizing events, providing resources and hosting events if possible. Due to teens often hectic lifestyle this tends to be about once a month, but the current participants make that call. RSVP usually required to help with planning.

Play group

Home schooling families gather for a social time. Each family remains with their children, baby sitting services are not provided. Events are generally planned on a weekly basis at a park or somewhere outside during warmer weather and hosted by participating families once the weather gets colder. More than one event venue may be necessary for each session to ensure we remain under the legal numbers cap. Families can then be rotated between groups to let them catch up with everyone until our numbers cap is lifted again.

Activities group

Field trips and events locally and in the Wellington and Palmerston areas. Other events may be advertised outside that vicinity such as camps or historical fairs. These are all ideas which members have come across and thought looked interesting or events they are planning on attending or organizing. Car pooling is often available. Members of this group may be willing to take other’s children when suitable.

Thinking about taking the path less travelled?

If you want to meet the group or learn more about home schooling, contact us.